Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Of times spent

Delhi rocked. One of the best times I have had in some while.

Saw 300, sat at TGIF and MJ's. Met a lot of people, some of them on the road, and it felt good.

Now in New Jersey, held up with a bunch of guys who want to live up to the Great Indian Tradition of putting saving money at any cost above everything else, so its definately not cool.

On second thoughts, I have just found out my biggest problem: I just dont believe anyone can like me for what I am. I have a very low opinion of myself, and I think it has stayed this way for the past some time.

And that is a pretty scary thought, when you come to think about it. But the good thing is, I am now atleast honest about it.

Hope now all of you understand, why I am the way I am. Sorry for everything.

I wish I could say sorry on the face, but now, I just cant.

1 comment:

sugi said...

hey zoob... tried calling u in delhi but ur incoming was barred... will be reaching the big bad city tomo... have a fun time in NY with the stingy bunch...