Friday, February 21, 2014

Another Brick in the Wall

So I saw Ship of Theseus the other day - and I have not seen a movie so intense, yet so clever,
It raised questions about what does humanity mean - I think its the best movie from India ever.
What all should I praise - a deeply simulating philosophical story, the movie is a work of art,
the cinematography is awesome, the dialogues crisp, and the actors all play their part.

It left me with a few questions though - such as "What was my life really worth?",
The feeling was reinforced listening to Vampire Weekend, as well as the Tallest Man on Earth.
Kristian Matsson and Ezra Koeing are both 1983 born, while I was born a year before - in 1982,
but they create such beautiful art while I am a corporate slave - making presentations is all I do.

I have also followed the geeky XKCD comics, and the amazing Abstruse Goose,
and while I wonder at their brilliance, it also makes me feel kind of obtuse.
Having been in love with numbers as a child, I used to regularly solve problems with probability,
Reading these intelligent comics, though, I feel like I have little or no numeric ability.

I am also amazed by Scott Adams, and the delightful stuff he writes every day,
and I marvel at Bill Watterson, the poignant truths that Calvin and Hobbes say.
Garbage Bin also makes me go "WOW", with its 90s middle class Indian childhood theme,
its art like this which makes me feel that my aim of being a writer would remain just a dream. 

"All the World's a stage, and everyone has a part" wrote the Bard in one of his plays,
and I had often imagined as a child that I would play the lead hero,  till the end of my days.
But now I think that I was not cut off from the creme de la creme crop,
alas - I do not even have a secondary role, and have become a stage prop.

I am 31 now, and my most creative days have probably gone past,
and its time to accept the truth that the die is already cast.
You can see me at the background, that's me waving for attention as the curtains fall,
I am sorry I have just ended up as Another Brick in the Wall.