Thursday, March 01, 2007

Self Obsessed Bastard

Genius, like hard work, is overated.

And luck is stangely underrated.

I am immodest. A self obsessed bastard. If u dont like this fact about me, dont read any further.

Fuck you. You still wanted to read further.

Well you will have to wait. For what I am about to reveal.

It is not much, if you ask me, but it might contain all that you ever wanted to know about life.

Or maybe not, but who is to decide?

The truth is this.

I didnt make it to RIMC in the first attempt. I didnt make it to IIT Delhi in my first attempt. I didnt make it to IIMC in my first attempt.

I did make it to RIMC in my second attempt. I did make it to IIT Delhi in my second attempt. I did make it to IIMC in my second attempt.

Sorry folks, but thats all I had to say. Maybe that was all you wanted to know about life in the first place. Or in the second place, hehehehe.

Am boring you, am I? Here is more truth underneath this line.

Luck is the ultimate thing. About almost as lethal as a sum of hard work and talent(or genius).

You dont believe me, I know. But here, in this blogsite, all that matters is what I believe. You might post a comment to counter what I believe, but, believe me, they dont matter.

I think you know why. The answer is simple.

Its because I can talk to snakes. I can speak Parselmouth.

Only joking. Its because I can remove your comments anytime I like, and that is a big power.

Good night, I think I am high.


Phoenix said...

it doesnt really matter.

Anonymous said...

When you will look back after 5 years, you'll find all of this pointless. No one cares for a few years if you are eventually satisfied by where you are. If you aren't satisfied- do something about it instead of being high.

Anonymous said...

Life IS a lottery... some people win money, while others win cancer or early death. Some stay high and really don't live at all!

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