Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A piece of mind

I remember this anectode from the days I had just passed class 12th. I had decided to drop an year and prepare for JEE, rather than going to do Mining Engineering from BHU. I planned to enrol at FIITJEE, and as a part of the drive, was looking for an hostel to stay in.

It was an August evening. I was with my dad, my (cousin) sister, brother-in-law, my second cousin, and my niece and nephew, and we had just got entangled in a Traffic Jam in some crowded Malviya Nagar market, where we had come looking for a hostel. The traffic was finally beginning to move when in the lane opposite to us, we noticed this ugly looking female driving with a female friend sitting alongside. And she was hideously ugly, I mean I am not the kind of person to make impressions about people based on first sights, but she was someone you had just want to run away from. I remember to have said something to the effect of "I pity her husband".

And then she, pretty inexplicibly, did something even worse (that is, if you are considering just showing her face to us was not worse, because it could have ruined the entire day): she parked her car on the road, and walked out. No concern for the cars who had just started moving behind her, and who were driving me crazy by their honking (remember, I despite being in Chandigarh for the past two years, was still pretty much a small village boy). The traffic came to a grinding halt again. Both ways.

We decided to get some space on the side of the road, and packed our car, and got out. Luckily our destination was not too far away. But then the next thing I noticed was the woman shouting at my cousin sister, across the road, with people watching. Apparently my cousin sister had gone to tell the 'chick' to remove her car, and let other people pass through. This apparently provoked the ugly, hideous female to get angry at my sister. There was a crowd gathering there, everyone urging the female to remove the car, when suddenly my incensed brother-in-law shouted across the road, "you should not have done this!"
She : "I dont care what you think. Dont give me a piece of your mind", and she started to move towards her destination, the vegetable rehri, which had apparently been the cause for her sudden stoppage.
B-i-L (retorting, and shouting so that anywhere within a radius of fifty metres could hear, which meant effectively 20-25 people) : "You dont want a piece of my mind. I will give you a piece of my mind. I will tell you what I think. I think you are ugly. You are positively ugly, and you should be ashamed about it. You see this ditch out here with all the dirty water. Please wash your face in this pit. It might make you less ugly."

And he walked away, and we all followed, as did pin drop silence. But the look on her face, made me overcome the initial disappointment of seeing her. It was awesome!

good night, people, and good luck! Have fun and play safe!


Atish said...

wtf :D

Shreyas said...

great structure of the story...keep it up

Anonymous said...

he he - i like it

as anonymous said...

what was it?

Let it Be said...

So which one's the bitch?