Tuesday, April 10, 2007

And so it begins...

Day one:

The major highlight: Given a tour of the office by by far, the prettiest girl who ever lived. Remember Madhubala of the old Hindi films? This Spanish girl looked exactly like her, and was tall and grand. Awesome. Great.
The Office is awesome as well, and the Bloomberg Towers are considered to be one of the best buildings in New York.
The team I am joining in Bloomberg is doing the kind of work I want to do, so thats awesome too.
Also, a bar is pretty nearby, so after a hard days work (okay, or maybe, after the day's work), you know where to go.
Our house is in Secaucus, a town in NJ outside Manhattan, which means a commute time of 35 minutes.
On the cards, is a trip to California.
Life is good. Could it be any better. Yeah, maybe. If only I was staying in Manhattan (alone:P, you never know of all the possibilities that could occur.) And if beer and whisky were a little cheaper.


Atish said...

dont be greedy .. it cudnt get any better.. :)

sugato said...

nice... living the good life then... man hewitt is peopled with jemima khan lookalikes... played hangman all day today :)
prolly will get some work by tomo

tarun said...

bhai pls mujhe bhi kuch dino ke liye bula le....mayb we can find more look alikes then.....ur so rich yaar....

BehindKlosedDoors said...

nice :)