Saturday, October 08, 2005

All things bright and beautiful...

Remember this hymn which formed an integral part of the school assembly? It went something like this : "All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small; all things wise and wonderful, the Great God made them all." I still remember it all. It goes on further "Each little flower that opens,each little bird that sings; he made their glowing colours, he made their shining wings."
I always loved this hymn as a child; however as I grew up I realised that what this told us was true, but it wasnt the complete truth. If God created the things bright and beautiful, the same God also created the dull and ugly things, If he made the good creatures, the same God also made the bad creatures. And that is why I think that maybe just maybe there is no God. Because if there were a God he would have assured that life remained beautiful, and that the world was a much better, safer place to live in.
Or is it that God has died, or slept, leaving us to the chance of te earthquakes, and Tsunamis and hurricanes. Or is it the Apocalypse, mentioned in the Bible, the judgement day, or Pralay, the death of everything, as mentioned in the Hindu Mythologies. Because if any of it is true, life is coming to an end, and the gib gnab is about to happen. Or is it?
Is there a God or not? I am not sure. I am I am about most things. Want some whisky to show me some reason in life. Life is useless. A strange Illusion perhaps. Or maybe not.Maybe my next blog should be about Life itself. Right away, after a whisky perhaps.


Ankur Shanker said...

Well a good surmise on the existence of God. I will tell you one more thing...we r pretty much doubtful of His existence but have you ever realised that inadvertently we always put a 'G' in God and not 'g' or 'H' in His and not 'h'!! Funny thing indeed!

And hey m waiting for ur reply to my latest post on my blog..


anand said...

about existence: the question will remain till science proves it right or wrong but the presence of dull and ugly things does not rule out the possibility of His presesence. May be these eartquake /natural disasters areesigned to remind about His presence ....because not many of us remember Him in our prosparity ...and about dull things ...these are ther to enhance the beauty of beautiful things....... if every thing was beautiful how can we appreciate beauty