Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yesterday was a bad day

10 hours at the office. And this on a Saturday, when we are officially NOT supposed to be working. I was supposed to go to Jalandhar for a wedding - but had to miss it because I was working.

Arsenal lost to ManU. Not that I am an Arsenal fan or anything, but I hate ManU (I also hate the English Premier League, but that is another matter, and post, altogether) . Because they had a certain C. Ronaldo. And because all decisions favour them. And what to say of the refereeing? And the diving? They played well for just 3 minutes and then just defended, and in the end they won. Not a great advertisement for football, certainly.
More importantly, and tragically, Milan lost to Inter in the derby della madonnina. And the captain, Rino Gattuso, was sent off. Milan didnt just lose, they were humiliated by their blue cousins. 0-4.
Djovokic never wins against Federer. Or against Nadal or Murray for that matter.

My work life balance is screwed up- totally and completely. Which leaves just these small matches in life to really look up to. And in that too, the teams I am supporting almost always lose. Which brings me further sorrow and takes my frustrations to new levels.
You know, a learned man might tell me, "Why do you expect so much? Why is there any desire? Watch sports for the pure fun of it, desire only leads to sorrow."

I know this, but without desire then, what is the point of life? And if the point of life is desire (and correspondingly sorrow), then why celebrate it? Any answers?

In short, life is not fair.

Forza Milan! Forza Argentina!


sunny said...

Me too was pretty disappointed seeing Arsenal loose. ManU is plain lucky.

VJ said...

Start liking Man Utd, Barcelona and Roger Federer... easy... Man U'll never lose, while AC Milan wont do gr8 deeds this season in europe, Barca will and Roger Federer isnt tht difficult to get a liking to.. even for u...

zubin said...

@Sunny: True
@VJ: The season has just started. Wait for it.

Ronnie said...

Charlie's father had said "Yeh life badi kutti cheez hai"