Wednesday, January 31, 2007

A Suitable Boy

"Why do we live?" And I, back in those days when I felt good, "Because of hope. It is the hope that one day things will improve, get better." And then I blurted out the story of Love in the Times of Cholera, and about how much hope it had filled me with. And then I also said these lines someone else had told me "It is never the end, unless you decide its the end." It is always the same: Goran Ivanisevic, Lance Armstrong and more. I had continued,"You live for people around you, people who love you, like you, and want you to do well in life. You might not see it, but they care about you. Everything you do which is bad for yourself hurts them. And you live to see them happy, because if you die it will make you sad."

I have to keep reminding myself this. I am here because I have a purpose. I might not be anybody, but even then I'll be. I am what I am. I know people like me, and love me for what I am, and I am not going to lose any more friends. I am going to be good. I am going to live, not because I hope one day things will get better, but because I've realised this is what life actually is. If everything was good, life wouldnot be worth it.

I am going to be a good son, brother and friend. Sorry for everything. I am going to be a good person. I am going to be a suitable boy :P.

My only regret, if any, at this moment is: I cant study. And my GPA is not going up, and I know its not going to go up.

Life is hard. I am taking it easy. As the Americans say, "When the rape is inivetible, lie down and enjoy it." Nice thought for the day.


behindcloseddoors said...


Rachit said...

Welcome aboard! Again!

atish said...

so have the demons in ur head been finally exorcised?? or is it just another passing phase?

zubin said...

[Atish] A passing phase I guess, but one I am determined to keep together for a long time.
[Rachit] Thanks.
[Sammy] Short and Sweet comment. :P