Sunday, January 14, 2007


Today is my last night in Delhi for the next two months atleast. And I am not drunk. Neither doped. But I am happy. Inside out. After a long long time.

I have fallen in love again, I think, with life, and with certain people. And I want to enjoy this feeling forever. I want to give myself a chance to be happy. All the evil thoughts for now have been pushed to the corner. Thanks to everyone, and especially to the one person to whom I owe this more than anyone else.

The Delhi/Dharamsala trip wasnt fun always, but at the end of it all, am feeling better I guess. Much better than when I came in. Am finally seeing some hope. About life, the universe and everything.

Here is looking forward to a good, happy living.

Take care people, and have fun.

From now on, if I write, I hope it shall be about the good things in life.


O said...

isko kya huya? :O

somebody plz explain ;)

sugi said...

u r missed @ joka :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like we will get to see the other side of the coin..

Adi said...

its a good feeling to find urself,
good luck for rediscovering the real you
am happy :)...(for you as well!!!)

evilme said...

way to go

atish said...

welcome back...:)
"..From now on, if I write, I hope it shall be about the good things in life..."
i never minded the bad things....its the attitude which matters

moby_dick11 said...