Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Life is wasted

A whole lifetime wasted.

There was no tomorrow.
I didnt have the courage.
I am sorry.
Do I really give a damn about how you feel about me?
I dont.
I do.
The voices again.

Alcohol is the perfect answer.

I am spoilt. I am not going to get better. I dont want to get better. Self realisation is the best realisation.

Maybe, I am just giving in to the dark side.
Maybe, that is what I always want to be,

Hoping I get a PPO from Bloomberg, otherwise I dont know what life has in store.


Anonymous said...

Your brain needs constant stimulation which seems to be lacking - go get a goal/objective that requires grey cells.

anonymous coward said...

i think that i would agree with anonymous above. you are capable of great things if you get a grip on yourself.

all the best!!