Thursday, January 05, 2006

Random Musings.

You win some, you lose some, and the rest are draws. That is exactly how I am feeling today, after the initial euphoria over my IIM calls has waned away. Today was a pretty good day as well, but still something is amiss. I got a US visa for 10 years flat, and my team and me did a fairly decent job with the project at hand today. And one of very good friends got a job from campus today. But there was also a disappointment, and it is really amazing how much can one disappointment ruin a day full of happiness.
Today I finally found out I won't be going to the United States Of America. My company had taken this decision in the positive interest of the client (for whom I was going to work while in the US). Because I was not very sure about my stay in the company after the IIM results were out, there was no point in their spending money on me. Not that I was very very keen to go there at the middle of the winter season (with temperatures dropping to -30 degrees around Chicago, I am probably better off not going) , especially as it meant that I had to miss my IIM interviews, but I was still happy having the choice. Oh, the strange ways of the human mind! I had always dreaded making this horrible choice between IIM interviews and a business trip to the US; but now that I am not required to make this decision, I feel even more horrible.
There are times in life which make you realise that you cannot have it all. Today is such a day, and I am looking forward to now making up amends for all the mistakes and blunders I had committed during the past year, which cost me final calls to IIMs last year.
Hers looking forward again to a rollicking 2006, and hoping that the world would become a better place to live in. And that all your ambitions and dreams come true.
And so I end up my shortest post ever. To make up the size and becase these lyrics seem as random as my posts have become recently, here are the lyrics of one of my favourite songs (And please someone explain them to me as well). The songs again by REM, and its called Find the River.
Tailpiece (What does this phrase actually mean??): Why are guys without girls called losers, when actually its the guys with girls who 'lose' it?
Find the River:
Hey now, little speedyhead,
The read on the speedmeter says
You have to go to task in the city
Where people drown and people serve
Don’t be shy. your just deserve
Is only just light years to go

Me, my thoughts are flower strewn
Ocean storm, bayberry moon
I have got to leave to find my way
Watch the road and memorize
This life that pass before my eyes
Nothing is going my way

The ocean is the river’s goal,
A need to leave the water knows
We’re closer now than light years to go

I have got to find the river,
Bergamot and vetiver
Run through my head and fall away
Leave the road and memorize
This life that pass before my eyes
Nothing is going my way

There’s no one left to take the lead,
But I tell you and you can see
We’re closer now than light years to go
Pick up here and chase the ride
The river empties to the tide
Fall into the ocean

The river to the ocean goes,
A fortune for the undertow
None of this is going my way
There is nothing left to throw
Of ginger, lemon, indigo,
Coriander stem and rose of hay
Strength and courage overrides
The privileged and weary eyes
Of river poet search naivete
Pick up here and chase the ride
The river empties to the tide
All of this is coming your way

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ankur said...

Well its aptly said "The grass is always greener on the other side".
If only one could be satisfied by what one had.....but we always think abt the other possibilities,even if the one at hand is also good enough.
P.S. Maybe they are called losers because they never have a chance to 'lose' it as in a sense the person who has 'lost' it,is actually a winner.