Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Basic Fundamental of Life

Yesterday night was Friday night. And like all Friday Nights, it was a time of merry making and meeting friends. And yeah, ofcourse, of drinking. And about discussing the basic fundamentals of life. It has often been seen that the best conversations take place over a glass of whisky. Vodka tends to make one noisier, and aggresive, as such killing off the chances of any conversation. Whisky, at moderate levels though, acts just the opposite. It tends to calm you down, and makes you receptive to others' ideas; and gives you the confidence to air your own views. In short, whisky (in the right quantity, ofcourse) creates an aura, where conversations can flow without any interruption.
These nights have taught me, and I am sure a lot of my other companions, a lot about life itself. And yesterday, probably was the culmination of everything I had ever wanted to know. I think I have found the ultimate question of life, the universe and everything. Life is too subjective to ever have any objective answers. Actually there is no objective question, and so the answer is different for different people. Life is all about finding the question, and then finding the answer to the question. Its about first finding what actually you want from it, and then getting it as well.
There are few things more that a person can ask for professionally in India, but being among the confines of the premier educational institute in India. And while, I thought myself as being successful for some time, the feeling soon wore away. I was just one among many, and it led me to understand the very essence of success. In my endevour for the answer, I remember once asking my favourite college professor during one of the "Introduction to Department" classes: "How do you define success?". And the answer had been, in his typical fashion, "Success is defined by you." And this one answer, while making him my favourite professor, was something I was not truely able to appreciate.I always thought he was right, and quoted the incident at various conversations, but was never fully able to understand the true meaning of it all. Until yesterday. Yesterday I knew my question (I got to know what is the challenge I will love the most). And now I know success means finding the answer to the question(Achieving that challenge). If I find the answer, I am going to be a success, else I will be a failure. Or else I shall just seek a second question from life, and seek a new answer. And so on. Till I become successful, or I die. Even if I die a failure, it shall be a fighting failure. Come on life, I am ready to take you on, and the challenges you throw at me. I am going to be successful, but if I am not, its not going to kill me. I will just keep trying.


ankur said...

I dunno about this observation.I feel vodka easier in stomach then Whiskey and feel tht its more of a calmer.
Though very rightly put that 'success is defined by u'.But when are the parameters of success left subject to ones own defination.That defination is always swayed by what society wants it to be.Hope you are able to break the shackles of society and are able to find the meaning of success for u.

zubin said...

[Ankur] Truly said, and I am trying hard to break the shackles of society. Its like IIT..nobody wants to study but then everyone does. U just have to stick to the system..or u end up as losers.

Tyler_Durden said...

Hey zubin, i don't think u'll be a failure if you fail to answer that question u've found for yourself. I think a successful life would mean having a relevant question, quest, dream at all times. You fail at some, you grow out of others, but have a dream at all times and work towards it. I've read and heard this at enough places, and like you believed your professor but didn't really appreciate it, i don't appreciate this yet either. Don't know if i'll ever be able to.

Amateur Blogger said...

Dude, down some whiskey and consider this perspective, corny and philosophical as it may seem. I would consider myself successful if when I lie on my deathbed, I look back at my life and remember it as a Happy life.

Now, the one thing that an IIT life definitely teaches you,(if you want to learn, that is, and I know YOU do) is Problem Solving.

So you've reduced the problem to what makes you happy...... Works for me. I hope it does for you too.