Monday, January 09, 2006

Love is On the Way...and other stories

I have often wondered as to why do people fall in love, and not rise through it? And I have often also thought as to why people break up in a relationship? Why dont can people make love stay? And why do most relationships not end sweetly? And why do people fight in a relationship?
[Disclaimer: The following work is a strict work of fiction. Any resemblance to any person, living or dead, is co-incidental]
Now here is a small story: Lets call the characters of the story, Mr. Z, Mr.Y, Mr.X, Mr. W, Mr. V, Mr. U, Ms. T,Ms. S, Ms. R, Ms. Q (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I and J are often used, so I tried using the opposite approach. Please tell me if this gets confusing, and we can use numbers). It is actually not too tough. There are six male characters and four female characters. Its a story about love and relationships, and how can relationships fail.
The story so far : Z,Y,X,V are very close friends. They are self confessed losers, missing the four basic amenities of life. V and X are very smart and atheletic, Z is considered one of the brainiest and Y is the soundest of the lot.R comes into their group, becomes the best of friend with everyone, and with Z's help, V and R become a couple. Z has been in love with T for the past two years, and already confessed her love for her, but been shunned. Z, having played a successful part in making V and R come together, starts thinking of himself as Hitch. X had a steady relationship with a girl from his hometown, but the relationship broke because of the distances between them. "Once bitten, twice too shy" X is hence unable to get into any other serious relationship. Y has never been in any relationship so far, has never been interested in girls. He did feel a certain something for R but that feeling subsided when V wooed R away.
Story continued: W is V's friend, who is also in love with T. W is everything that Z is not : confident, achiever, smart, and sporty. Z starts liking W and a mutual friendship develops, based on the premises of their loving the same girl. W is making quite progress in wooing T. Z also realises that W and T would make a great couple, and hence asks R, who is also T's friend, to intervene. (This is done without W knowing it). And when R intervenes on W's behalf, T is bewildered and embarrassed, accusing W of spoiling what might have been a good relationship, by talking about it in the open. And so this relationship ends, without having actually started. Human ego is a tricky thing. It can make you do the hardest of things, and prevent you from doing the simplest things. And while this was all Z's fault, W, in all his magnamity, continues his friendship with Z, and it only grows.
Now, S is a girl smitten by X, who, as already mentioned above, is afraid of relationships. And so Z, unruffled by his past failure and hoping to set the record straight, jumps in to make X like S. Z fails yet again, despite a few successes, as X's relationship phobia prevents him from responding positively to S. Another relationship that was meant to be was killed. And, then, Z finds himself liking S, courtesy of long periods of staying together, and proposes to her, She accepts initially, maybe because she has become a good friend of Z and cant bear to break his heart, but sometime later, she realises her mistake, and breaks off the relationship. Another relationship fails, one that was never meant to be in the first place. Again, its probably important to understand, that X and Z remain the best of friends. Through his misadventures, Z does experience a lot about life, and certainly become wiser. He has also decided never to have anything to do with other people's life.
The story is drawing to a close now, but two of the characters are not even mentioned so far. U and Q were in love, when Q met Y. But because of the distances and some misunderstanding between Q and U, they fall apart. In the meantime, Y has started liking Q and Q has developed feelings for Y. All this while, Y has been the guide, friend and philosopher to Z. Z doesnot want to play spoilsport, but he also wants to warn Y about the pitfalls in love. What might happen in a relationship is anybody's guess. Will this relationship be successful, or will U come back into Q's life and play spoilsport? And will W and T, X and S ever get back together? And what shall happen to Z? I dont have the answers. If you do, please write in.


Renegade said...

cdnt we do this 1,2,3,4...
this is confusing!!

Caliguliminix said...

yeah seriously ... a saner naming scheme would be easier on the reader!

zubin said...

It was so because I didnt want it to be so simple in the first place. Sorry for the confusion though, but making it any easier, would have made it a giveaway.

feignman said...

i could have been z, y, x, w and others all at the same time..:)
i am noone to comment on why the world is the way it is..and no i do not know why the problems, that you have mentioned at the start, exist.
but the fact is that they do, so all i can do is accept them, to be sad and to be happy, and do not ask why..atleast do not hope to know..and then again i might come back to square 1.

and i will try to write about the question you have asked on my blog in a subsequent post.

Renegade said...

I read this again. I can think of only these things
1. u r Z.
2. Z is a nice guy.
3. Y shd be left to lrn his own lessons. isnt Z twice bitten too shy?
4. X and S might get together, but that wd take time and no intervention. also depends on S.
5. Z, W, t..all need a lot of talking.

zubin said...

[Reginald] I had like to know you personally, and Z is not a nice guy. And just to give you an update, Y and Q are together, finally. X and S might never get together, and Z has stopped feeling guilty. Z probably likes S more than he ever liked T. Z doesnt need to talk to W and T, and W and T can sort it out themselves.

zubin said...

I meant Renegade there..sorry about that.