Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A lot of Questions

Why do we care so much about what others think of us? How is it that a little praise from a person can make you so happy? How is it that some criticism can bring you down? Why is it that we try to keep people around us happy? Why do we want to be the best in what we do? Why do we think so much about winning awards or making a good GPA? Why do we want to show people how good we are?

Do we ever think about what we actually want from life? Can we just live in the present, without thinking about the past (what could have happened if..) or the future (what will happen...)? Why is it that we never get what we want the most? Or is it we want it the most because we never get it?

If the end is the death, what is the reason for doing anything at all? Will there be an Armageddon, and if it will, when and where? What will happen to the non-believers like me? Or is this actually a cycle, where everything we do is evaluated (in the present and past and future lives), and then our souls are sent to heaven or hell? Are we lucky to be born as humans, or are we very unlucky? Why did Mahabharata happen, even though there was a God? Why did Karna have to die?

If there is a God, why doesnt he show himself? How does he function? Is he playing a game, with us as random particles, and playing around, eventually knowing anything we do doesnt make an iota of difference to him or to anything else in the long run? Who are we? What does life mean?

Why do we feel singularly alone? Why do we love? Why so I feel so unworthy sometimes? Why I cant feel happy? Why am I so ugly? Why am I so dumb?

Any answers?

I feel happier already. haha. BonJour, Futrevous, Rendezvous and all that French shit.


tarun said...

really too many much of french have u learnt so far

VJ said...

Why so many questions?

Atish said...

Leave out the 3rd, 4th and the last para....and I could have written this exact post at this exact moment.... but wrote it first so now i can just read and ponder.....

Shefali said...

Now this is exactly why I connect with your blog :)
Big thanks for the frequent entries!

Shreyas said...

i have answers to all the questions, i am just forgetting them...

zubin said...

(Pangti,VJ) Because I am a bit too inquisitive.
(Atish) Pehli Pehli baar jab pyaar kisi se hota hai :P.
(Shefali) Thanks a lot.
(Shreyas) Remember fucker, remember.

Anonymous said...

Who are you ?
Another philosopher-in-the-making ?
My best wishes!

Anonymous said...

we are in this world to taste the rain drops.