Monday, September 17, 2007

How do you feel about yourself?

Do you feel good for achieving so many different things, or do you feel sad about not having achieved a good deal more? Or have you, after wondering about it and feeling bad, have stopped thinking about it at all.
I have been wondering: Do I have to be happy about the fact that I passed out of the two best institutes of the country, or do I have to be sad about not making the kind of impression I could have? Am I a success or a failure? If I was to die tomorrow, what would people remember me as? Why do I even care? Does it even matter?

I am an asshole, you might say after reading what I am about to write. But as I try to stay happy with whatever I have, I do have a few questions about why life is the way it is? If God did give me intelligence and the potential to make it big, why didn't he, for all his benevolence, grant me the patience to use that intelligence the best possible way? Why can I never study, never apply myself into anything, and cannot carry on doing the same job after a period of time?

If someone asks me about my USP, it will be this: I can do better than any other person in the universe in a field about which the inherent knowledge both of us have is zero. I think I am that good and that talented. But what have I done of that talent, except fretting it all away.

Would you make the same choices in life if you had a chance? Answer honestly. I probably might still do it, because in spite of a bleak future I think I have already had the time of my life. Anything more and it is just a bonus.


Nishant said...

If you like to make the same choices again in ur life if given a chance... then I believe you r not required to answer any other question that comes up in ur mind abt the way u have spent ur life.

sugato said...

i for one would choose differently... after all i have seen all that is to see here.. so given a choice would try out differently... but then again i'm a coward so will prolly play safe and choose the same ;)

Anonymous said...

"I can do better than any other person in the universe in a field about which the inherent knowledge both of us have is zero."

I guess most IITians think the same of themselves - a mistaken conceit, though, it is!

Yet despite such presumptuous and lofty opinions of their grey matter no IITian has ever been able to achieve a single Nobel Prize or produce some seminal work in any field!
Do you have it in you ? .....LOL

Perhaps I'm no different, given that on a micro level, I always rooted for surprise quizzes than announced quizzes!

Atish said...

strange.. i used to hate these posts... but this one . loved every word of it..

arts said...

one reply for this Mr. Anonymous could also be that for an IITian to get a Nobel Prize, it has to be an Indian, and I rather question if the Nobel Prize committee knows much about the world beyond US and Europe.....anyways for you, yeah 27 is not that far can "RIP" soon.

Ankur Shanker said...

This is the age of confusion.. BEHOLD IT! :-) And some of the most interesting persons you will meet will also be the most confusing ones.. So no worries with/without a Nobel under your belt..

zubin said...

(Nishant) I guess u r right.
(Sugato) Is what all u say here bad? Yeah, and aren't we all cowards.
(Anonymous) Why do u or I care about Nobel prizes? And I guess that Aarti answered that query well as well.
(Atish) This is what love does to you, doesnt it?
(Aarti) Am not planning to now, why shud I?
(Ankur) You just hit the bull's eye.

Anonymous said...

To arts->
".....if the Nobel Prize committee knows much about the world beyond US and Europe"

Independently, this point is right!
But still some Indians have won it but no IITian has.....anyways, someone will do it soon!
The author made two contradictory points - 'why ....never apply myself into anything, .... of time' and 'I can do better ..... talented.'

Most of us never reach our full potential and unless one has applied oneself to a real tough job one can never know one's limit.Yet, that would not mean that the limit is too far.
I personally believe that the VERY talented and intelligent people - the real gifted people, unlike the majority of IITians - always suffer from a mental tension till they reach their full potential, therefore those who are much much much above the average generally reach their limits.

By the way, all Nobel Prize winners are not considered equally gifted or even gifted either.An Einstein or a Nash CANNOT be compared to so many laureates.
Also, all this jazz was not to suggest that Zubin's claim about himself is wrong - what I'm saying is just that such claims are merely tall claims unless proven otherwise.
And okay, no one cares about the Nobel Prize!

Anonymous said...

this proves more knowledge more confusion.
we small college students know well what to do in future.