Friday, September 14, 2007

I got hit last night..and blew it

First of all, for those who care, I reached France hale and hearty. Me and Ghai have a two bedroom flat and we have a pretty good time eating drinking and visiting. No internet yet at our place though, but man, you have got to hear this story, and believe it its true.

Time : Wednesday night arnd 1130

Place: A pub in Bordeaux, where us international students of the BBS were having a party.

Main cast: Other dudes from IIMC, hot Hungarian blonde girl and me.
Supporting cast: Hot girls from all around the globe, including Venezuela and Turkey. Other males.

The other dudes (Ghai, Sonkar, Ravi) and me were standing in front of this hot Turkish female who was like sizzling. And then well, we were pretty good and high, when this girl comes up to our group. We are holding some straws which kind of light up the place, when this female comes up to us and asks for the straw, and we give it to her. She takes it and puts it in her cleavage, and we like let out a cool wow.

More surprise - She then starts dancing with us.

She (to me): Do you like this music?
Me: Not really, do you?
She (looking really happy): Neither do I?

Now just what should I have done? I had the perfect line inside my head: So do u wanna go outside and take a walk or something? But well, while I started thinking about the kind of things that could possibly happen, I chickened. All I came up with was : good, and I excused myself.

Meanwhile she starts talking with Sonkar, (trying to hit him with "India is very close to my heart" and some such shit) who being from the same alma mater as me, also blew his chance.

The next guy she went to, some German, took her out of the place, and we didnt see them in the party after that.

But well, just made me wonder - Maybe I am not so ugly after all, or maybe she was just too drunk.

I need some alcohol!!!

Following up: A blog about the Mahabharat.


BehindKlosedDoors said...
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BehindKlosedDoors said...

hilarious :D

Ankur said...

Hey hey reminded me of so many similar situations which I faced during my stay there.
An exchange program is the best opportunity to explore different avenues and believe me ppl from all over the world come withour any committments and attachments thinking to make the best of the chance.
SO next time go ahead and JUST DO IT!! Best of luck.

Nikhil said...

o fuck u blew it .what a shame to your alma mater:

sugato said...

lol... so zoob u going for oktoberfest? btw did u take the eurail pass from here?

zubin said...

(SAmmy) Thanks
(Ankur) Yeah man, I know abt you.
(Sugato) Yeah definately going. Did not take the pass though.
(Nikhil) I am planning to falao bhartiya sabhyata here

Ankur Shanker said...

Hehe! I really liked it though the suspense was a spoiler :) but koi nahin there is always a next time!

cyberenigma said...