Friday, October 20, 2006


I am heavily drunk right now. Which makes this blog a lot accurate than what it has been in the past.

We are all runnning away. From Death, which is the end but we refuse to admit it. Death is peace, the end of all the pain that life has in store for us. Life is pain. The joys in life are just a detterent. We try chasing happiness. Its like "You just get good marks in 10th. Life will be much better then." When you do that, its "Get through JEE, you will have nothing to worry about." When you make it through IIT, it is "Get through Mckinsey/BCG, CAT and life will be great". When you make it through IIM, it is "Get a Day Zero Summers, and life is chill throughout.". Life is never chill, It is one big pain.

Death is the answer. and the best thing was if we could all run away. From life towards death. But we just cant. Because of our relationships. We all have to suffer because man is a social animal that needs company. And relationships that cause more pain than joy. Most people are blind to this simple fact. I am not, at this moment atleast. I am at a higher plane, and the only thing that causes me pain is the fact that I cant die, because it shall pain my family and friends.

I wish I could die.....


Phoenix said...

death is not tough. death is not the end. death is merely the easy escapist option. ALL the time.

And we choose not to die more because of our own cowardice than anythign else. If we really love our parents and friends etc, we would rathe rlive for them than die for them, because living is a far more difficult option than dying is.
Life doesn;t get easier, only better, with newer challenges. What would life be without those challenges. Simple plain living with no sorrows would be more boring than you imagine.
When (if) you reach that, I'd say rather die. there's nothing to differentiate today from tomorrow. No hope and nothing left to feel,

Till then, don;t escape --take the tougher option, like a winner who doesn;t quit. Live on. There's a lot to learn. Feel. See. Experience. Cry for. smile about.
To live.

sugato said...


Death is the end. OK. Nihil sub sole novum. True.

But then life is a journey. Enjoy the trip! Live in the present - savour the little things.

Cross that bridge when you come to it.

ankitgupta said...

tu pagal hota jaa raha hai.

monks said...

Lets break it down. Its peer/ societal pressure that drives u to do well in 10th, JEE, IIT, CAT, to crack McK or BCG, Day zero summers. And the same pressure prohibits u from dying. Isnt it funny ??

Leave these things aside, the previous comment gives the best insight
"tu pagal hota jaa raha hai."

evilme said...

i m a gr8 fan of urs.....but this blog of urs has really disappointed me .life is never meant to behold for future but to live for present...wishing for the fighting spirited zubin

PauperJi said...

good that you are wrtiting all this.. you dont seem to be under the Kafka influence. He used to write negativity but never published it. You atleast vent it out by publishing.

Anonymous said...

itne logo ne itna acha likh ke samjha diya tujhe . main to kya hi boluun .. at times i am afraid .. just becoz i think u say the truth right away .. and I cannot digest it .. be coz i dont want to ..

regarding visit count .. mujhe nahi lagta khaas farak padega

Shreyas said...

Nice blog :)

Ashwani said...

I think this post has some mystical connection with the Maddu letter post. This guy is gonna help you out of this situation. Well otherwise the only option is ki TU DAARU PEENA BAND KAR DE SAALE!!

Rana said...

I'd recommend a suicide bombing which takes Mr Arjun Singh with you.

I would only modify Ashwani's suggestion, akele, ya fir chhakkon ke saath peeni band kar de