Saturday, September 23, 2006


If you dont know what are you looking forward to
and everyday leaves you feeling hopeless and sad;
If you have nothing better to do,
than to pretend you are slowly turning mad.

If you are sure you have lost the will
to live in this world of blinding lights;
If each day seems like a big burden,
and alone is spent every single night.

If there are demons going through your mind,
which make you frown all the time;
If you somehow feel guilty deep inside,
of committing many heinous crimes.

If you have lost all emotions
of happiness, laughter and delight;
If it seems you are a picture of tragedy,
and nothing seems to be going right.

If love had found you,
and you have lost it now;
If all you can do is to wonder,
what, where, when and how?

If you just cant put a finger
on where did it all go wrong;
If the only thing you are sure of,
is that life has been far too long.

If you are afraid to tell
anyone about your sorry state;
If it seems noone understands you,
and all you have is your heart is unexplainable hate.

If you want to hurt this world badly
just like it has always hurt you;
If you know you are sick,
but even the best doctors cant cure you.

What do you tell yourself then,
as to why should you live on?
Arent you as good as dead,
because your life is already gone?


Anonymous said...

If you have really lost it all, there's at least a chance to restart your life. And I am envious. Whatever.

Harshpreet Singh Sherry said...

Rightly said ....

Since you got nothing to loose .. why not .. give the life another shot .. like a new born ..

Phoenix said...

You're not as good as dead
because you are aware of the pain
Just smile somehow, there's nothing to lose
Even if there's nothing to gain

Life's hard life's lonely
It loses its meaning to often
But even if this autumn is here forever
I shall wait for the spring to blossom

evilme said...
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Ankur Shanker said...

kya baat hai.. what a comeback :) anyways nice lines!

Achal said...

Qunitessential Zubin. And no, thankfully, I didnt have a Eurotrip experience. [:)]

Anonymous said...

dear write and write again...for it lets lose all thoughts and emotions..

PauperJi said...

ennui..come out of because only death can get u out of this shit