Monday, September 18, 2006

A not so anonymous letter

My first post from the "hallowed" portals of IIMC.

Reproducing here, a "funny" psychotic letter, I recieved from someone. Read on to find out more.
The envelope said, "Zubin Saini (MBA), Indian Institute of Management Calcutta, Joka, Kolkata (West Bengal) - 700104."

"Nothing is impossible in this world."

"My dear brother,
Hello brother, how do you do? I am fine here. How are father, mother and all. I want to know your health and family members health also.
Hello, my dear brother, how is your study going? My study is going well. Now, I have come to West Bengal. I want to meet you. I am eagerly waiting for my dear brother you. Now, I am very happy because I am speaking with my dear brother. Everyday I am praying for your studies and your health and family members health also. Surely, God will give you his wisdom and knowledge.
Everyday I am thinking for you. I dont expect from you anything. I want to see you. This only I want from you. If you are well, I am also well. If you are not well, I am also not well. This is true because my mind is always with you.
(Next, there is a paragraph in Tamil, which I cant read.)
Really, I dont have brother. But I am very happy because I have one elder brother. Everyday I am thinking for you. So, I can write this much.
I want to see you coming from Tamil Nadu. But unfortunately I didnt see you. Now, I have stayed in West Bengal. If you are very busy, you write me one letter. You write your address, phone number and cell number also. I do not want to disturb you. In case you did not write me one letter, I will worry anytime. Please brother, dont forget me. Immediately, write me one letter now. Then, when you are free at the time you come and see me. I pray for your all intentions to be successful. I am eagerly waiting for you.
Yours lovingly,
Signed incomprehensible.

My Address is :
J. John
(and some address of some village in some West Bengal district.)

(Please, immediately write me one letter, I am eagerly waiting for your letter.)
(Anybody if you get this letter, please you give my dear brother. Thanks for you.)"

WTF is this letter supposed to mean? Is it someone's idea of a prank? Or is it something more psychotic. I am scared. I havent ever been to Tamil Nadu, and I have no idea about West Bengal. And I have googled, I am the only Zubin Saini in this planet. How and why this letter then? What does God want me to do?Fuck God, and fuck this person. I am not doing anything. He can worry, even die, and I dont care.

On other thought, everything hurts.


O said...

welcome back..Zubin of "Hello Brother" fame.. :D

Anonymous said...

I was waiting for the day when u come back .... I was sure u will come back ... the question was not whether u will .... it was just a matter of when!!!

atish said...


Ankit Gupta said...

ek mast hindi movie ki starting lag rahi hai mujhe. reply karna yaar pakke se. :)

Harshpreet Singh Sherry said...

Really good to see a post from you . hehehe ..

any ways .. sounds like a prank and a typical sammy prank .. hehehe .. joking .. waise reply kar ke dekh le

Arnav said...

...and f*** this person!

You never know, he might actually want that :D

Phoenix said...

Cool welcome post..nice to see smthng here..

poor chap..looks like an envelope swapping for sure...were u expectign any personal letters by chance?
anyway..chill..such things do happen..i have received marriage proposals like that..this guy was just wishing u health and so on..

However, the last line of the post worries me...Is everything ok? how are u doing?

zubin said...

[Rohan] Thanks, though I hope the name doesnt stay.
[Shabbo] Thanks a lot.
[Atish] Whats the wow for?
[Ankit..this name is too formal] I am not replying to this psychotic.
{sherry] Saale..I dont know any Maddu who will play such prank. And I dont think its a prank
[Arnav] Aapke ghar mein bhai baap nahin hain kyaa...P??
[Taru]..I just hope you are right. And I am fine, have been reading your posts. You seem to be really enjoying yourself in Sweden. Keep the posts coming.

Anonymous said...

It could be in line with the famous "Nigerian Mail" fraud... !!

Anonymous said...

gud that u hv started writing again!...mrinal

Rana said...

secret admirers I heard of, but a brother. Why dont you ask your dad if he went on a vacation with his wingies to Tamil Nadu sometime?