Wednesday, June 21, 2006


For those who didnt know, I had quit blogging for a while.

I am leaving New Delhi tomorrow.

I might or might not start blogging again from IIM Calcutta Campus.

And I really cherished this self-imposed exile from blogosphere, realising there were more important things in life.

As for the rest, please read my previous post.



pseudonym said...

thats sad..will miss your turns of phrase. take care and all the best.

Phoenix said...

i wont say i agree or disagree, because smthngs shdnt be said at all.
i'd miss ur writing thats true, but anyway, i repstect ur decision.
good luck

.:Infektia:. said... blog...sure thing, we'll miss ur etching

Anonymous said...

Is that so Zubin?

zubin said...

[Pseudonym, Phoenix, Infektia] Thanks for reading all the crap I had been writing.
[Anonymous] Is what so? Somethings are meant to be understood..

Anonymous said...

at least u r replying to the comments!

When do u intend to start writing again?

zubin said...

[Anon] Not anytime in the near future I hope...because certain things should not be said.