Sunday, December 25, 2005

The Last Post?

Hi, this i just to inform you that I wont be writing about life anymore. I mean I would be writing about other topics, maybe, but not about life and its materialism. (But because that is all I have written for a long long time, hence am not too sure how I can continue writing this blog further) Someone just told me that I was basically a non-achiever, who talked about materialism to explain my failure to do anything subsatntial in life. Something like grapes turning sour, infact very sour. He believes I keep writing all this stuff so that people cannot call me a failure, but say something like, "This guy is a stud. He could achieve this, achieve that, but he doesnt want to do that." Even though I dont believe him, I think its my duty to take out this impression from his mind. So I shall stop commenting about people being mater1alistic and all that. And this guy is a super-achiever. He has gone a long long way in life, and is only expected to go further ahead. I respect him for that. But he also has this fetish for everything being neat and clean, well ordered, and is easily able to pass judgement on people based on their appearance. For him, all that glitters is gold, and all that is black is coal. And because I respect this person, I am ready to change myself according to his whims and fantasies.
Well, maybe, I am being too harsh on him, he does not judge people on the basis of their appearance, but he does tend to form a first impression of people, and it becomes hard for him to shake that first impression.
He loves me, and so wants the best for me, and so he wants me to feel bad for the current state of affairs I have landed myself in; but hard as I may try, I have never felt better my entire life. And I believe that is all that matters; but as he feels this is not right, and wants me to change my lifestyle, I am going to change it, not for myself, but for him; so that he feels good. And that means I am trying to go and start achieving things as he has. Because he has always been responsible, practical, well-ordered. neat and confident, while I have always been the opposite. Hence he has the higher ground in this, and I am cannot argue with such a super-achiever. So this might be my last post on the uselessness of life in a long long long time, until I achieve something worthwhile. I dont think that I have achieved little in life. I think I am an achiever of a different kind, but this time I will go and achieve things in a different vein: I shall get some tangible results, produce something materialisic, so that then I can tell him what I really am. And till then i will try looking for alternative topics to write on : Politics, movies, books and

On a separate note: Well do people who have sacrificed their CG and else for hostel affairs deserve something? Why do seniors make it sure to ruin their juniors' lives by making them work so hard for the RCA, GC and a selection of other trophies? Is a hostel's pride even worth it? Do emotions like friendships and love matter in the real world? What is more important, a good resume made up of lies, or a bad resume because you are not clever enough to show all that you have done? Should people who work for hostel only for building their resume, and forget all about it ones their job is done be quantified as studs? Should people who say "I won't participate in this and this anymore, because I already have a lot of this on my resume" deserve any credit for their 'service' to the hostel? And do people who have been working only for the hostel's cause not deserve more? Arent most of these people impractical and foolish, especially since most of it doesnt even matter in the end (read placements, CAT or MS/PhD)? I am seeking answers. If anybody can provide me with the answers, I will only be happy to get back to the Mr. Super-achiever with them.


Ankur Shanker said...

Well..this is the way it is!! All you gotta do is to present urself as if u were the jack of all trades and master of them all too.. Ofcourse, with some truth in it just to justify your claims. Otherwise also, if you are damn smart, you dont even probably need 'some' truth in it!! After all, if one is given the opportunity to work in so-called dream companies like top-notch consultancy firms, he will definitely work so hard or smartly or both just to prove that he indeed does deserve the job, even if he didn't deserve it in the first place...Hope that answers ur question, even if partially!!

Anonymous said...

nice post....similar feelings in a different iit