Monday, December 19, 2005

The King Of Solitude

He is enjoying the evening
With his many friends;
Suddenly he remembers those days,
Those walks, and her beautiful face;
And now he starts feeling sad,
She left him, when he wanted her so bad,
And while his friends are enjoying jokes, some of them lewd,
Starts crying, the king of Solitude

He is among many people,
but still feels so alone;
"Stop this merry-making", he wants to say
And wants to go back a hundred days;
Friends call out to him,
"enjoy some whisky and gin";
But he refuses, without sounding rude,
sulking is the King Of Solitude

He doesnt want to spoil the party
So he goes out to take a walk;
His friends want him to stay
But he just wants to go away;
To where he can never be,
"She'll repent it later", he thinks;
The thought makes him smile, improves his mood,
Now he is laughing, the king of solitude

He had got it all,
and now he has lost it;
But all that remains in his mad head,
Is her memory, which refuse to fade away.
He is alone, and declared insane,
And then he feels the most pain
All his friends have gone away, left him to suffer
In Solitude, suffers the King Of Solitude

He hasnt yet realised,
that love is the cause of his troubles
And that his friends were for name
When disaster struck, not one of them came
As and when he knows this noble truth,
that love and friendship are for fools
will he be happy to be alone,
In Solitude, will enjoy the king of Solitude


Anonymous said...

Really Nice one yaar ... echoes the sentiments so correctly .. think you have fallen badly in love somtime because without feeling the pain not many can write it out so clearly..

Anonymous said...

good verses man!

prince of solitude said...

To sulk is not your duty
Solitude is a beauty
For it takes me closer to my princess
Who left me oh-so-long ago, in duress

feignman said...

kya baat hai sir..mast must likh rahe ho..i checked out ur blog afer long..isko padh ke meri curiosity fir se jaag agyi hai if u remember an earlier question ;) par milte hi nahin ho :)

P.S. after reading this mujhe apne "no more" ki yaad aa gayi :p


Anonymous said...

i cannot believe it!
i wrote a similar poem a month back!!
"The king of losers, the bed his throne"
how stupid losers surround him, he has a loser aura around him.... and so on.
i write it on a paper (i have it memorised, no big deal) and burn it! makes no difference in my loser state, xcept that i feel a little better.....