Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Ballad of John and Mojo

And as another lonely Valentine's day goes past,
John is all alone, wishing this one alone would be the last.
He will find someone special, and all will be well,
by next year, and the year hence, we will hear the wedding bell

His mojo though is not so patient, and soon encounters John,
"What are you doing with me, Sir, and why am I a victim of your con?
You - and I - are already touching thirty, and all my friends make fun of me,
I havent had my fair share of women, and a worst thing for my confidence couldn't be"

John tries to console his mojo, as he has consoled his brain,
"There is a special one, somewhere, and let me make it plain,
I am going to find her this year, and the next Valentine's day,
I will not be alone then, and Mr. Mojo, you will then have your way"

"But, that is what you have been telling me for the last ten years,
and its been a long time coming, and now its too much to bear,
I want a woman and I want her soon - I don't understand why are you like that,
when most of your friends are making love, what makes you so alone and aghast?"

John ponders for a while, about an issue he has tried hard to skirt
"I don't really know, Mr. Mojo, but I think its because I cant flirt,
And even if I like a girl, I am unable to put up a decent propose,
for I have a strong inferiority complex, and think I will lose."

His mojo tries to give him hope, and make him see reason,
"Come on Mr. John, don't you be so pessimistic, for you are a man of all seasons,
You are intelligent, and caring, and can talk pretty well - and girls like that,
While you are also pretty rich and your only fault is that you are a bit fat"

John says, "Yes I guess that is true, but I am also maybe a little too proud
And if I love a girl, she should like me too, otherwise there is always some doubt,
I am not ready to fall in love, and then take the sack
because the pain is too much to take, and that is what keeps me back"

"But, Mr. John, this is no reason for me to suffer, and feel bad
there are places like Amsterdam and Bangkok for me to be glad,
So lets go there, and relive Amsterdam of two years back,
Enjoy with the girls there - without any fear of a sack."

And so John decided, on that fateful Valentines day,
that to every girl he is interested in, "I love you" would he say,
or if that would not work, and if girls would still keep him in the dark clouds,
he would like to take a trip to Amsterdam and Bangkok and make Mr. Mojo proud.


Witness said...

This one's really funny!!And has shades of dark humour too:)

zubin said...

@Shweta: Funny you say.. I thought it was sad :)

Witness said...

That's why I mentioned it's dark humour:)

Achal said...

Dude! Deliverance is not far away. Hold on :D