Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The last two week(end)s; back to those days; and finally starts the fight

Sitting here on a Sunday evening of what has been easily the most boring (least tiring) weekend since the first one after arriving in Uncle Sam, I have plenty of time, and more importantly desire, to write about the past two weeks in New York(/New Jersey for the more geographically inclined ones). Having already written and cancelled several drafts of this post for lack of interest, I hope I am able to finish this one, because I have plenty to write about: and this time it is not only about my experiences here.
Last weekend (the 5/11 one) was another happening one. Friday night got along with other IIMCians of my batch in New York and went night clubbing; listening to a band, which played everything from Spanish Pop to Doors rock. Got really drunk (I dont need to reteriate this too much. I always get really drunk). Suhas came on Saturday evening, and the next 24 hours were spent with him, visiting the Metropolitan Museum, American Museum of Natural History, and Central Park, among other things. Also saw SpiderMan - 3, which I thought was OKish. The parts I like about the entire trilogy is what other people hate (because they are quite poorly directed and emotionally weak, I guess): the part where they tell you about you having a choice to be good or bad. That choice is always there I guess.
And got another 1.75 litre of Jack Daniels for drinking in house, our third. All those people going to the best restraunts in India to get a taste of the drink, I pity you!!! JD for me has become like Peter Scot, or Royal Stag, or DSP. Apart from that, well celebrated my second paycheck here (and the first which I might be able to save something from) by a night at Carriage House, a bar near my office. Tried six different whiskies that day, starting from Michael Collins(an Irish Whisky), going to Glenlivet, Johnny Walker Red Label, Maker's Mark, Southern Comfort (this one was on the house for me), and ended up with Glenfiddich. Needless to say, my head was whizzing when I reached home. But it was that I have found the first reason I would like to spend the rest of my life here: I am actually liking the people here, and the culture. And also the fact that most of my friends shall probably drift off to alien lands themselves. So well if I have an option, its here I will like to come.
And here, my friends, in my response to Shreyas' comment that I write I-hate-my-parents post. Maybe you feel that way, but if you go and read my posts again, this is what my posts say: I think I might have wanted to do something else in life, but I have taken the decision to come into IIT and IIM based on the expectations of my parents, and other people. Having noone else to blame for it , I put the blame on my parents because I didnt actually enjoy studying here. But the crux is: It was finally my decision, and if I was strong enough, I could have taken the other decision and made my parents fume over it. You too have, like me, taken the easier way out, and you want to blame it on your parents, just like what I do in my posts. I dont think how we are different. So well, I would like to say two words to you!!!:$*#@ &$$
And about Arnav's post saying that why I needed alcohol to keep me sane when life is good is this: When I dont have alcohol I dont enjoy the present, think too much about past, what could have been past, the what will be future ; alcohol makes me do that. So when I am drunk I enjoy life for what it is : a happy present, with everything else forgotten. And that is how it should be. So $*#@ &$$ for you too!!!
Well office over the past week was bad, I mean, I had plenty of work, but I was not actually able to complete it. But the nights were much better. Thursday and Friday were another Carriage House nights, again trying new drinks and finally settling on Philip Collins (it might not be the best, but its the best among the cheap ones!!!). Friday also saw me and P (after already getting high in Carriage House) go back to Mcdougals Street (Downtown New York where they have the best nightclubs), and trying to get into a non-stag entry nightclub. The first women we asked agreed immediately, and the one with me even gave me her hand to hold. But as we were going in, the bouncer (a kallu, who else) heard the girl, Allison, asking me about P's name. And he found out that we were not with them, and he chucked us out. And the girl was really pretty and cute and hot!!! So we parted, she almost had tears in her eyes, but it was inevitible. And I remained a loser.
But still, we went to some other nightspot, and had a rollicking time. By the time we reached home, it was 530 in the morning, and P had to go to Niagara on Saturday Morning, with other two of my roommates. So I was alone, kind of. And Saturday went by sleeping, drinking JD, watching TV, and playing games on my Laptop (reminding me of a typical IIMC day). Sunday, though, I decided to go to the city, and roamed the city alone, and it was fun. And tomorrow is office again. OOPS.
Which reminds me that the PPO fight probably depends on the work that I do the next three days. Which is an interesting thought, but a pretty scary one as well. The next three days can probably change my life. So wishing myself all the best!!!
P.S: After the trip to California, and meeting Dasa, have become a big NBA fan myself. Am sad that the Nets are out, but waiting to see the Spurs clinch the title now. But Steve Nash is the best NBA player, and my second favourite after Manu Ginobili!!!
Life is good. With alcohol. Without it, it just gets a bit boring.
Whoever said getting PPO from Bloomberg was easy, was probably right. I just dont seem to do the easy things right!!!


sugi said...

best of luck for the pappu... machandozz (yes i know how much u love the word :p)

Atish said...

for some reason ... really liked this post :)

Captain Subtext said...

You liked the post because he abused Shreyas and, though hopefully not, me.

And Zubin, poori duniya ghoom kar aana to wapas usi campus mein hai bachche.

Shreyas said...

Cap Subtext - u r rite atish liked the post because zubin abused me, he was actually waiting to read zubin's reaction on my post...

great post again zubin, its just that we seem to look at each other differently, atleast now than before, althoug we might still be the 'same'.

anyways i felt good to read that u like this place and i hope the friends u were talking abt who might shift to alien geographies includes me :), but just for a couple of years if you can