Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Green Eyed Monster

I never thought this would happen to me
And this was not how things were meant to be
I was so green with jealousy
to see you with him, so happy

I should be happy for you, a voice inside me says
But then I remember all those long-forgotten days
When we were together,albeit for a brief time
And another voice tells me You should be mine.

I am sorry for feeling this way
But the green eyed monster refuses to fade away
I have become obsessive about you
believing we could make a fabulous two

I think you are made only for me
and so I get so angry, as to why cant you see
That I will keep you happy as well,
And I can even hear the ringing wedding bells.

The world would then be a much better place to live in
And whatever we might have to face, we would win
My only hope is that you will soon realize it too
That there is only one truth : I love you.


Ashwani said...
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Ankur Shanker said...

mazaa to aaya padhke :)

zubin said...

{Ashwini] Sorry to remove your comment, but it wasnt.
[Shanker] Thanks.

behindcloseddoors said...

a lovely post! i think it should be made a compulsory read in perhaps 'a pageant of poems'....the years when these feelings are so magnified! "And I can even hear the ringing wedding bells".....amazing!

atish said...

Typical Zubin Joy Saini post.....candid and straight from the heart...

kapil said...

gud poem !!! dude,..very simple n very true.

ankur said...

Again ue poems touched some chords in the heart.U have got a knack of making people relate to you and it seems sometimes tht u write and speak just for the reader.Keep up the good work.May the motivation never die.

zubin said...

[Sammy] Thanks. You have to become very fanmous to get an entry with the likes of Ulysses, and other poems.
[Dipu] Is being candid bad?
[Kapil] Thanks
[Ankur] Thanks, its words like these that are the motivation. Else I have lost all other motivation.

Akhil said...

its terrific. most of us can easily identify with it. touches a chord somewhere.
at times I wish I could write like that