Sunday, March 12, 2006

Two more interviews,RCA, Degree and quitting.

Two more interviews have passed since the last mail, and while they havent been half as exciting as the first one, I am pretty happy with the way those two interviews have turned out to be. The two interviews were K on the 6th and A today, and I think I have done pretty well in both of them. The only downslide though being that in both these interviews, there was one guy in the panel who had interviewed me before. And I had done badly in my interviews the past year. But I guess they must have had noticed the changes in me as well. I was much more confident, and happy this time around. And that I might make up for that disappointing performance this year. A lot depends on luck as well, but I am much more confident of making it this time around. Aided by the rather superstitious fact that I make it everywhere my brother goes on my second attempt. This happened in RIMC, then IITD, and now I just hope I make it a hatrick by going to IIMA. Touchwood !!!
Among the other events that have transpired during this week long period have been that Kara has won the RCA. It has been like a dream come true, and the only sad part is that it happened after I had passed out of the hostel. However, surprisingly, this feat hasnt brought me as much joy as I thought it would. I guess priorities change with time, and at this particular time, I have two other priorities far greater than Kara getting the RCA. Kara has managed to bag the best hostel trophy also this time around, and I plan to go to the BHM night function, just to finally see the tallest mountain ranges, standing up to its name.
Among other things, I have also been lucky enough to pass out of the institute, after having finally got my provisional degree. It now seems that the last strand of my long (probably too long for my own liking) relationship with IIT Delhi have been cut. And the sad thing is, I dont feel any nostalgia, which is kind of strange. I am probably helped by the fact that I am in Delhi, which assures that I come back to IIT atleast every weekend (I actually am a lot more frequent visitor). Probably moving to some other place (Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Calcutta hopefully) shall make me feel nostalgic about this place IIT.
It has been a pretty busy week, what with there being interviews, and parties. And I have finally decided to quit. Drinking that is. I realised finally, that alcohol makes me act stupid at times, and so I am ready to give it up. Especially because I am now very wary of doing stupid things while drunk, which can spoil all my relationships. And now I finally know what it takes to keep up a good relationship.
Like they asked me at the IIMA interview, I am happy, happier than I have been in a long long time. And I hope it stays that way. I know the reason of my happiness, and I hope the reason stays as well. Touchwood again!!


Musafir... said...

Best of luck Zubin, Atish also had his interviews, and they seem to have went great.
Finally we have all the trophies here... YO KARA.

Anonymous said...

seems like you have matured! all the best...for everything :)

zubin said...

[Musafir] Thanks a lot, and it was great yesterday.
[Anonymous] The more you mature, the more you want to go back to being a child again. Isnt it?

Anonymous said...

mast hai dude ..

pata hai .. kal max maza aaya mil ke ..


Phoenix said...

I wish.. good luck for everything
2. that happiness were contagious, so that the average happiness of this world rises quickly.
3. the best hostel may win every year:)
4. that your bond with iitd keeps getting stronger despite physical distances.
5. you stay happy.
6. Happy holi.

Phew...hope it wasnt too large a wishlist!

zubin said...
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zubin said...

[Phoenix] Thanks a lot for all your wishes. Even I wish that happiness was contagious, and that everyone in this world be always happy. Happy Holi to you too, and my best wishes to you for all that you ever aspire to be. I dont think that wishlists can never be too large, and so here are even more wishes. Cheers!
[Anonymous] Thanks

shaurya vaani said...

my best wishes :)

The Admirer said...

i am happy for you! all i can do is wish you and may be pray for you. i dont know your "reason" but she should stay!

zubin said...

[Shaurya] Thanks a lot.
[The Admirer] Why does the reason have to be a 'she"? It can be something as well..note the use of the word it.

The Admirer said...

the 'she' was to animate it not to mean the 'she' in particular!

note to get the underlying meaning rather than the face value!

Amateur Blogger said...

Dude, the nostalgia you shall feel, and it's not a change of place, it's the passing of time that'll make you feel it.
Also, don't give yourself credit for too much, they don't remember you from last year (the interviewers, that is...)
You say you want to go back to being childish, I say kudos! But then, why quit drinking? :)


Shreyas said...

i know that feeling wont be that great for winning the rca now, but i will take it if we get the GC next year...hehe its always some effect of your contribution that stays even when you have gone. everyone like you i mean pushan, anjan, farshad have had a role to play in this...but priorities change and rightly so.

zubin said...

[The Admirer] I didnt get your last comment. COuld you elaborate a bit further.
[Tushar] Just hope your words come true. And you cant miss a thing unless you are physically separated from it, no? And how did you feel about Karakoram winning?
[Shreyas] Not too sure about it though. But I am sure, each one of them would be happy hearing about what our juniors have achieved, but there'll also be a pang of sadness wondering "What if this could have been in the preceding years?" Would have meant a lot more then.