Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Happiness and love

[I am not a particularly happy man, as people reading this page regularly will testify. I am too much of a thinker, and am always finding excuses about life. But now, things have started changing, and I am much happier today than in a long, long time].
There are many reasons for this happiness. I have just good a pretty good appraisal from the company I work with. Again, I have gotten three good reccomendation letters for IIM Bangalore, which makes me take a good shot towards it. Again I have the kind of confidence to go and crack these six interviews, even though I havent done ANY sort of preparation for it. I guess this confidence comes along with you work-ex. The past year, has been a great teacher, and I guess I have learnt a lot from it. And just the thought of being so much wiser than last year makes me happy.
The greatest reason, though, for this happiness, has been something else. It is, probably, hanging out with the kind of people you want to, who try to understand you, and you try to understand them. Happiness is about spending time with people you really want to be with all the time.
Going through a very popular blog, I read, "I can't say what love is, but there are several things that love certainly isn't." But, now thinking back, I can probably say what love is. Its suddenly realising that there could be no greater happiness in life than if you were to spend your whole life with a certain person. Or that, after a tough day in office, all you could wish for is to hear that one voice. Or wishing that time would stop whenever you are alone with that person.
When all you wish you could write/sing/play songs like Yellow /Fields of Gold/At my Most Beautiful to that special person. And knowing that he/she too loves you, without having to hear it in the first place. Love is happiness, and happiness is love.


Phoenix said...

The simplicity yet honesty of this post is striking.

To be happy, and to know that you're happy and why, is a rare treasure, and it feels happy too read about your happiness. Stay this way.Amen!

Good luck for the interviews, though I've learnt from personal experience that whenever there's peace and happiness inside you, confidence comes naturally, and everything goes well. The recos, atleast the one i see, was good, but deservedly so:)

The definition of 'love' is subjective-to each his own- and it's an honour for anybody to discover that in his/her lifetime, so it's great that you cn identify with that "special" feeling. Now just remmber to respect it, and not clinch at it too hard.(All said, I just want to know what did I do to deserve the sarcastic "very popular blog"!!)

zubin said...

[Phoenix] Thanks a lot for your wishes.Which reminds me, I owe you a big treat as well. And yeah, learning to respect that feeling is also something hard.
As for your query, it was just a simple statement. I dont know why you thought it was meant to be sarcastic. And the "very popular blog" was because you are probably among the best known writers in my blogsphere atleast. I am really sorry if it looked sarcastic. Actually I have this inferiority complex about ur blog being well-read, so probably that came across :). Anyways. I am sorry :)

Phoenix said...

Indeed the respect part is harder, it's infact harder...that's why I said in the same post that falling in love is easier than being in it and rising in it. Life with all its trivialities continues to go on.

And, I'm certainly not the 'best' known writers, and no post of mine has ever become so much of a talking/debating/commenting point as a certain post u wrote a few posts before this one! But, you don't need to say sorry c'mon!I was just mildly surprised when I read that, hence the query, because your blog is equally well-read, if not more, as mine.

rbit said...

"Or that, after a tough day in office, all you could wish for is to hear that one voice. "

you may want to hear this song "its been a hard day's night" by beatles....which got them their first grammy.

Ashwani said...

Ya to teri aaj kal koi maar nahi raha ya teri shaadi hone waali hai. haha.

On a serious note, the first two lines of your blog summarises my persona too. For me happiness comes momentarily and its gone soon. Probably I am not and cannot be contended (AOL ka poster yaad aa gaya. LO very L).

Everytime I achieve something, I feel happy and then soon when I see around myself and realise this is absolutely nothing... Zilch! What am i happy for. This makes me think is it because of "small fish, big pond". Dont know, dont wanna know. Wish I was born an alligator.

atish said...

It's great to see you happy , Zubin .. and say out loud that you are.... Somehow in all these years that I have known you, the one feeling that always dominated any thought which I had about you was that u were always too frustrated about too many trivial things and the ease with which u threw away things given the immense bundle of talent u are, always enraged me. It was as if I could see you spoil yourself and do nothing about it. It made me angry and sad at the same time. It's for the same reason I thought that things would change after the "D" and reading your blogs, I think they have, for the better. All the best Zubin for your interviews, though I would still suggest in indulging in some sort of preparation regardless of the confidence u might have . But again its a purely personal opinion..
Hope you find that one person who inspires you to greater heights, the one voice you want to come home to (Or have u already found her and not told me??)...and lastly , thanks for the inspiration

zubin said...

[Phoenix] You are not only among the 'best' known writers, you are also among the 'best' writers. And yeah, respecting love and rising in it, is much tougher than falling in it.
[Rbit] Have heard that song, and Beatles are among my favourites as well. But I dont like it as much as the other Beatles song.
[Ashwani] Haan aajkal koi miltaa nahin hai maarne waala. :) On a serious note, try being happy, only then can you be happy.
[Dipu] Thanks for your comment. You know me a lot better. IIT was a funny time, with my best and the worst moments combined. And yeah, I know I have to study something, except that I dont get time.