Monday, April 21, 2014

The Biggest Fear

"The biggest fear I have", said the anonymous philosopher, "is the fear of falling in love".

For obvious reasons.

You have tried so hard to be happy. And at the moment you are. You have been following the Buddhist philosophy of letting go of desires and it has been working - and working well. Come to think of it, you have been the happiest you have been in a long, long while.

And then suddenly, you fall in love, and all your happiness comes crashing down. Now, all of your self-doubt which has always been a part of you, but which you have managed to bury somewhere deep down, raises its ugly head once again. "Why would she go out with me?", you ask yourself, and condemn yourself to sleepless nights, for your heart is advising action, while your head - the noble, much maligned head - wants you to maintain status quo, for nothing is going to happen.

And your happiness is long gone. So far gone, you doubt you can be happy again anytime soon.

Needless to say, the anonymous philosopher is right.


shubham said...

So its better to clear the doubt ,
you ask her out .
She goes, she goes
if not so the traveler must seek ,
probably her sister might go out the next week .

Anonymous said...

why are you so confused in Life?

Anonymous said...

I love the pain that comes with separation & love.
There is something very noble in suffering.
Suffer in love-for a glimpse that gives wings to imagination for utopian dreams of perfection.

zubin said...

Truer words not spoken my friend,
but if she says no, it'll be the end,
and the traveller is afraid,
of rejections, which make him sad,
the traveller is slowly turning mad.

@Anonymous1: A wise man once said,"The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wise people so full of doubts". I am part of problem I hope :).

@Anonymous2: I used to think so at one point of time. Then time happened I think.

itsallgreektome said...

Crazy the traveler indeed is
As he doubts his abilities
Pick a little courage, hold your head high
Ask the lady out, but not with a sigh
Brace yourself and take the chance
Twirl ur toes, do a little dance
But don’t let yourself be the one not seen
Cos the saddest words are, it might have been