Monday, June 06, 2011


You feel caught between Scylla and Charybdis,
deciding your next course of action.
It is the usual matter of head-versus-heart,
should you follow the money or your passion?

Do you want to go back into the corporate world, your heart asks you,
and the answer to the question is no, you still remember the pain.
But your book's also not going anywhere, your head reminds you,
and your financial solvency is fast approaching that of Spain.

Your head says: to be honest, you havent done much the past 13 months,
except eat, drink and enjoy life to the brink.
But it does feel so right, and you are so happy, your heart responds
There is nothing better than having free time, and a couple of drinks.

People always argue that you are whiling your time away,
that passion is overrated, and they are right.
Moreover, the couple of drinks and other good things cost money, your head says,
so this offer might seem godsend in hindsight.

But if passion does not count, what does, your heart tells you,
and you have already written some 30000 words of some crap;
You believe that you have a bestseller in the making,
and hence this offer is just a Corporate World trap.

Think about your parents, the head reminds you,
and how bad they feel about you being jobless.
You owe them a lot for the support they have given you,
Passing this offer would be a decision most useless.

But then your heart responds,
its your happiness that matters to them, as they always say.
So make your decision based on what you want to do,
and act like you want to and throw this offer away.

The head and the heart argue all night,
and still no compromise can be reached.
Do you take the offer, or tear it?
be a hypocrite, or practice as you preach?


Mayank Jha said...

Its quite a trap. You don't need to care if others will consider you a hypocrite or not. But take a balanced position. A job that won't be too demanding on your time will help you remain solvent and continue on the path to achieve your passion.

Witness said...

Give it a shot-it might be just the right one:)And might give you a fresh perspective to complete what you have started...and if it's not, well then you already know what you have to do:)

Witness said...

And read this-

The last line says it all:)

Rambo417 said...

Be fair to both, give them both a chance, alternatively, 2 yrs each ?

zubin said...

@Mojo: Thanks. Yeah doing that now. Catch you when I am in Delhi sometime.
@Shweta: This reminded me of the Pageant of Poems back in school. And yeah, am doing what you advised :).
@Rambo: Yep. Doing that :).

amrit said...

Joining an IIT / IIM coaching institute as an instructor would work out very well. They give enough money and enough time. Go meet some of the operators. You would end of up finding which suits you best.

Phoenix said...

I know! Toss a coin!

Either the toss, or your gutspeak's hope while it is in the air will give you the answer.

PS Whatever you do, don't worry about being judged.

Rohan said...

heard the news.. how does it feel to be back?

zubin said...

@Amrit: Have made a decision for now. And yeah thanks, makes a lot of sense.
@Taru: I almost did toss a coin. Following my head for now.
@Rohan: So far, so good. Looking fwd to see you - You should visit the new office :).

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Anonymous said...

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