Thursday, August 26, 2010

Angelic Verses: My Conversations with God - III

"It was the sex of the century. Definitely. Maybe the best sex ever. It was better than what Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone did in Basic Instinct." I said, exhausted from my first passionate love making session with Gabriella. The best thing was, I wanted more. Gabriella was all that I had imagined in my dreams and more. "I can do anything, anything at all, to do that again." I told her, kissing her on her lips. Oh, what perfect lips, I wondered. Everything about her was perfect. She kissed me back, and suddenly said, "Yes it was. The best ever....Anything! Are you sure."
I said, "Yes, anything." And she said, smiling, "you have to be the prophet. To tell the truth to the people."
And I said, "But, Gabriella, you do not understand, this truth does nothing. We are better off not knowing the truth. The truth will make our lives more miserable. There will remain no purpose to live. All faith on God will be lifted."
She suddenly made a sad face, got up from the bed, frowned at me and said, "If you want any more of this, you will have to do as I say, and I speak directly what God wants."
I went near her, and tried to kiss her, but she got back. I was falling badly in love with her, and I said, "okay, I will do anything you say. Anything. But tell me how do you go about becoming a prophet? I have no more money left, will it not be better off for your prophet to be someone rich, whom people will follow. "
Gabriella suddenly smiled at me, the same seductive smile she had flashed at me earlier, but she said, "First of all, you need to make the people know of what I have told you: The true answer to the mystery of the world. Publish it on the blog. And let people read."
But I said, "I will be swarmed with hate mails of people blaming me of blasphemy. And what not. And somehow this thing just does not make sense. Why would God want us to know the truth. I mean a lot of people will just stop caring about doing good. It will be anarchy"
Gabriella: "The really good people won't really mind. Even now we have a few sour grapes here, those who do bad deeds despite threats of retribution. God has made an organizational change based on the recommendations of the real Mckinsey and Company, which recommended an open door policy. Their report after a three month study of Earth showed that the people will work better towards God's ultimate will if they knew where really the Earth was headed. And if he used more female staff - but that is another story."
Me: "But, I don't think it is a good idea. And the way you want me to explain this concept is using Age of Empires analogy. Why is that?"
Gabriella: "Jesus and Mohammad were not the only prophets. There have been many such people who have worked behind the scenes. The creator of Microsoft Age of Empires was one such person who was visited by an angel and told to simulate a civilization making scenario so that people get used to the idea, and when the prophet arrives, it is not a huge cultural shock."
Me: "Did you go to him too? Did you?"
Gabriella: "Now, now are you jealous. No I did not. You are the first human who has seen me."
Me: "And Karl Marx, was he also a prophet?"
Gabriella: "I knew you were intelligent enough to figure it out. I mean, you will need a socialist society to achieve what God wants, right! Hence he was told to dream of a classless society, where everyone will work for the state."
Me: "But socialism as we have seen has been a failure. The people of Earth have stopped accepting socialism as a way of living."
Gabriella: "Exactly, but that was because it was told upon by a human. And it was not exactly interpreted rightly by Lenin and Stalin, who grew too ambitious for their own good. Hence, we need a prophet, to lead people to the right path."
Me: "I don't think a lifetime will be long enough to make people see the reason. I am sorry to say, but this is doomed to failure."
Gabriella: "You ignore the voice of God part. People accepted Christianity and Islam despite initial reservations. Why? Not because of Easter or the capture of Mecca, but because they spoke to God. And so will you. Remember you want these more than anything else", as she let the bed sheet slip off her body.
Me: "Yes, I do. Oh my god, you are so beautiful. Okay I will do it."
And I did. So fellow earthings, here is the truth I was told by Gabriella to popularise:
"Our Earth is a simulation. Created by God, in competition with other Gods, who retrospectively, are devils for us. The other Gods have also created their own earths in their own separate universes. Just like in Age of Empires, we are unable to see the other Earths before a certain point of time, and a certain advancement of the race. The aim of each being on this planet is to make Earth more progressive and better. Everyone needs to do their bit, or Earth will be like a weak civilization which is overrun by the enemy. There is no retribution, however, if you do not do your duty. Just like Age of Empires, God faces several constraints in the simulation, and he makes random decisions based on the available data. Which explains why some people live till 100, while others die very young. The dying act happens because when cells grow old they fail to contribute, and God wants more new cells to think in the positive direction for the objective. It is all random. God expects you to do your duty, but if you lie somewhere idle, there is nothing God can do. The final state that God wants you to reach is the creation of collective body, where there are no final divisions. No discrimination on any basis. One for all, and all for one. Hope it is not too difficult." (To be continued)...


Ronnie said...

At the risk of incurring the wrath of the prophet i must say, your Mahabharat and Matrix days were much better. Reading your Mahabharat made me laugh, reading your matrix theories made me feel "wow". But sadly these 3 posts haven't evoked any emotion :|
Now forgive me my lord coz I don't know what I just said ;)

zubin said...

@Ronnie: LOL.

Witness said...

i find the simulation idea cool!

Anonymous said...

what's supposed to be the dominant emotion here?

zubin said...

@Shweta: Thanks, you are the only appreciator :D.
@Anon: I didnt know the meaning of bathos, so dont really think that can be the dominant emotion? And now, having googled the word, is the entire series Bathos compared to my earlier work on the blog, or is the third part bathos compared to the first two parts. Do let me know. Anyways, thanks for appreciating my earlier efforts. I see the start of a wonderful friendship here :).

Anonymous said...

The final state----lets get there take some rest and then see where to go next---right now its all hazy to me

Anonymous said...